kind introduction by our friend Jon Kirby led us to The Hideout last week, where we had the pleasure of meeting the next guest of our biographical vinyl series at Trenchermen - prolific music performer/collector Lawrence Peters.  The 14 year veteran of the H/O bar staff is a former member of Plastic Crimewave Sound, a current member of the Golden Horse Ranch Band, and a lifelong compiler of fine vinyl pieces, of all sorts, boasting an eclectic collection that spans Country, Surf, Soul, Swamp, Psychedelic, et al.  Though Peters’ more publicized DJ set is LP’s CountryThrowdown”(specifically at The Whistler as a longtime resident), his most genuine impartial affinities are articulated in a set he privately calls “The Mutant Hit Parade,” a program featuring a bounty of hit-like non-hits that are unrecognizable yet nearly indistinguishable from their Billboard-topping bizarro brethren.  He’ll be giving us a thorough tasting of said mutants at Trenchermen this Monday, September 23rd; please feel free to wet your beak with the preview selections below.


Though the cover art makes this Country Weather album look like an impulse buy from a Flying J, this record actually contains a couple of Peters’ favorite tunes.  He heard them first on a mix tape gifted by his friend Steve Krakau from Plastic Crimewave.


An odd sound from the Carl Perkins timeline, part of his post-addiction early 70s output.  "Country Boy’s Dream“ has many of what Peters considers the good parts of 70s country: grit, funk, and gospel; this one reminds him of a field holler folk tune.


At first glance, this band is in line with Peters’ preferred Country from the ‘70s, but Country Funkis actually far from what their name implies, touting a misnomer like Grand Funk Railroad (who Peters confirms is "neither grand nor funky”).


Moderately popular band The Strawbs were once fronted by Sandy Denny, as seen here in this rare document that Peters unearthed after years of searching.


Denny also fronted Peters’ favorite arrangement of British folk band Fairport Convention, apexing with their 1969 album Unhalfbricking.


This unknown oldie is exciting news to me - Jeff Lynne had this band Idle Race before he hit it big with his Electric Light Orchestra.


The sound of The Flys = nearly indescribable for Peters.  The best he could come up with is that they are “weird like Tenpole Tudor is weird.”  I am excited to find out what the hell that means.


We had a moment of bonding over our mutual bewilderment of Oneida drummer Kid Millions.  Peters has a great story about seeing Kid slay a kit in the nude at SXSW a long time ago.  It’ll be nice to have “Sheets of Easter” on hand in case the bar needs to cleared out after last call.


Peters had the pleasure of getting to know Jimmy Martin when he was on the crew for a documentary his friend shot about the aging Bluegrass master.


…in case you can’t make it to Trenchermen this Monday.