Uncanned Music specializes in assessing the natural acoustics of a restaurant or bar and designing audio components to suit. These design considerations pave the way to the dynamic experience that our music curation can serve every day. 

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Sound System Design

Uncanned Music will determine the most appropriate sound design to suit each unique space. Whether it is modern sound reinforcement or a vintage hi-fi application, we'll work closely with you to outfit the space for the optimal vibe.


Acoustic Treatment

A vital part of a quality-sounding restaurant is optimizing the space with absorptive acoustic panels to quiet the room, increase the acoustic comfort of the space and simultaneously increase the clarity, articulation and presence of musical ambience. Materials are sourced with visual aesthetic properties in mind - ideally a collaborative conversation with the interior design team. 

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Music Curation

Music curation is most effective when implemented as functional piece of a holistic sound design that considers the sound system & acoustics in concert with the actual music being played. 

Our goal through music curation is to invest significant time and thought in developing music programs that match each client's unique personality. We feel that this effort transforms bars and restaurants into enduring projects imbued with the virtue of music discovery. Music curation can vibrantly enrich the culture of the company it serves and stimulate opportunities for higher levels of service and human connection.