After a nourishing respite, our biographical vinyl series returns to Trenchermen on Monday November 11th, 2013, with another insight into the sound of Chicago hospitality, this time via visitation by Windy City beverage peddler Patrick Gould. Gould’s primary function is to travel the planet and expand his palate for the benefit of Wicker Park and West Loop watering holes; and though busy with said forays, he has managed to intermittently build an impressive record collection and home hi-fi setup. Here below is a peak into his personal space and some pre-emptive photographic selections. If you like what you see, come join us 11/11 at the Trench Bar for a proper listening and a taste of some rare beers from Allagash and Maine Beer Company, all courtesy of Gould.


The first piece Gould shared, A Fading Summer by The Clientele, is actually one of his favorite late night wind down albums, an opening closer.


Gould nabbed the above 10” Guillemots record, and the above above record by The Clientele (also a 10”) at a Salvation Army. Salvation Army is not the most common source for uncommon pressings, but is a quite common shopping arena for Gould-ian record mining.


Gould is currently loving the blissful mellow indie vibe, which is quite characteristic of Sun Kil Moon.


He enjoys the sound of Sun Kil Moon’s front man Mark Kozelek under various monikers and on various formats.


He hadn’t ever heard the music on this Blue Roses record, but picked it up for its aesthetic unity with the foggy indie folk he craves. Sound was not shocking, a la Joanna Newsom or The Gentle Waves or Alela Diane.


He was nice enough to dip into his fridge and share with me this fine saccharin imperial stout by Oskar Blues, a delightfully chewy crude ale with plenty of ABV.


With the blood a little thinner, it was prime time to throw on some cans and get intimate with Gould’s pristine hi fi setup.


He busted out a second pair, and we both took Led Zeppelin II straight to the dome.


Another big source of his record collection was a single bulk Craig’s List purchase he made from an older gentleman in Evanston. For 200 dollars Gould got 500 records, a huge amount of which were old Chicago blues titles from DelmarkAlligator, and etc.


Gould loves the Alligator aesthetic; almost as much as the music on this killer Koko Taylor album, The Earthshaker.


Another great electric Chicago blues record from that same pickup.


Not Chicago - but definitely another boast-able blues spoil from his collection - Professor Longhair’s legendary live album, produced by Paul and Linda McCartney and recorded aboard the Queen Mary off the coast of California.


Not blues - but definitely Chicago - our own Shel Silverstein “recited, sung, and shouted” Where the Sidewalk Ends for our listening enjoyment before it was cut to this handsome picture disc and sent down the rabbit hole to Gould’s record shelf. This one gets my vote for a night closer on 11/11.